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Nest Box – Live View

I think it is fair to say that our 3 owlets have now fully-fledged and flown off to pastures new. We wish them good health and may well encounter them again, individually, in their adult lives elsewhere on the Wirral, as we monitor the nest boxes.

This now gives us an opportunity to carry out our annual routine maintenance on nest boxes and upgrade the live camera system, with the help of Jamie from ‘The Nest Box’, which hopefully will enable us to bring you better images and sound.

Covid–19: Taking heed of the Government restrictions announced today and the current pandemic figures for the Wirral we have reluctantly decided to restrict our activities until the Covid–19 situation improves.

So once again we will be relying upon our members to be our eyes and ears and report any Barn Owl sightings, particularly if they are carrying prey to a nest box, it is not unusual for Barn Owls to have a second brood.

Many thanks for your support.

Kind regards


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Recycled ECO Barn Owl Boxes

Following a very interesting visit to the Barn Owl Centre in Gloucester and subsequent Committee meeting, the Trust have decided that going forward we will use a pre-built nest box made from a product called Stokboard which is recycled plastic.

The advantages of this box are many, suffice to say that, it outlives the life of plywood boxes and tests prove that it is condensation-free, waterproof, and resistant to hot weather conditions.

Ultimately purchasing these boxes will save the trust much-needed funds, by lasting longer and saving valuable construction time.

Rest assured that this new ECO-friendly material being used to make external Barn Owl boxes will make no difference to the Owls who search for places to nest and roost.

Sponsor a Barn Owl Box

This is an ideal way to support the work that we do in providing a home for wild owls to rest and raise their young.

As well as replacing damaged nest boxes we are constantly receiving requests for new projects on the Wirral which places considerable stress on our funds, by sponsoring a box you would help us do so much more to help these wonderful birds in the wild.

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Message from the Membership Secretary

Membership Secretary

Hi Folks

I thought I’d introduce myself and make a request regarding membership.

My name is Mike Ring and I have taken the baton from Helen Holyoak, who is taking a well-earned rest.

Before I was asked to create the Web Site, I knew nothing about birds let alone Barn Owls. Since our recent 3 Chicks hatched, I have become hocked and watch them all the time. So when it was muted that Helen wished to retire the post, I thought it was something I could do to help with the Trust.

I would also invite all those who have Subscribed for ‘News Updates’, via the Web Site, to consider becoming a Full Member. Just send an email to me and I’ll send you the necessary paperwork. Also, we have a WhatsApp Chat group which you can be included in if you send me your Mobile Phone Number.

Exciting News: Funding has been sourced and as soon as our 3 Chicks have fledged, from Wirral Country Park, we will be moving in to replace the Video Camara for a higher resolution system, incorporating sound. This should enhance the whole viewing experience.

We are also planning to move into the 21st Century with an on-line Donations button and a Membership Payment Button

Become a Full Member and get more involved, thus helping to fund the work. Annual Membership is only £12.00 or £20.00 for a couple, living at the same address, that’s not a lot but is a big help to the Trust.

Best wishes and stay safe

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